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How to Use “Ok Google” On Your Computer?

Do you know that today with the help of widely advertised voice assistant Ok Google, you can turn on a computer or laptop, and not only phone running Android? If not – then the following description on how to install the Ok Google on your computer in just a minute. By the way, if you are looking where to download Ok Google, then the answer is very simple – if you have installed Google Chrome, you do not need to download anything, and if not – then simply download this browser from the official site chrome.google.com.  

How to turn Ok Google on?

In order to enable Ok Google in Google Chrome – go to your browser options, click ‘Show advanced settings “, then select the Enable voice search “Ok, Google”. If such an item is not a sudden, make sure you have the latest version of the browser – if not, go to the settings, select “About Google Chrome” and it will check and download the latest version. Done, now this will work, provided that your microphone is working, it is installed as a recorder by default in Windows, and you have an Internet connection.